Emotional Signature

“How well are you emotionally engaging your customers?”

Our research shows that all organizations have an Emotional Signature ®, which is a level of emotional engagement with their customers. These emotions manifest themselves in every part and touch point of a customer experience, from branding efforts to the long after the interaction is complete.

Beyond Philosophy can help you analyze your current level of emotional engagement with your customers and help you build a strategy to create the Emotional Signature ® that will drive value for your long-term goals.

The Emotional Signature ® will help you answer all these questions:

  • What drives value ($$$) in your Customer Experience?
  • Where should you focus your activity to produce most $$$?
  • Which emotions drive and destroy most $$$?

The concept of Customers’ emotions have now been widely accepted, as Forester points out in the article, ‘2013 Predictions for the Customer Experience Industry’ stating:

Emotional insights will take center stage. The idea that happy customers are more likely to remain loyal, try new products and services, and spread good news about their experiences has started to catch on. Over the past several months, we’ve seen a rise in the number of companies pondering the connection between enjoyment and metrics like satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS). In fact, one global company statistically demonstrated that several emotional factors trump NPS in predicting customer loyalty, effectively dethroning “would you recommend?” as the ultimate question. As firms start to emphasize customer emotion in 2013, we expect to see more vendors developing offerings like Beyond Philosophy’s Emotional Signature, which examines the rational, subconscious, and emotional elements of an experience.

How We Came up with the Emotional Signature ® Concept.
Many organizations are reluctant to tackle the emotional side of their experience because it is difficult to measure them and assign a specific dollar value to them. In 2005, we decided to change that and take on the tasks of defining which emotions drive value and which ones destroy it.

Working with London Business School we conducted two years of research. What resulted was the World’s largest database of Customer emotions and touch points, the Emotional Signature® Database, which includes:
• Input from 50,000 people who took the surveys
• Data from experiences in over 100 industries
• Analysis of responses from participants in 40 countries
• Raw data from 4.5 million survey questions answered in total
• 1.25 million answers based on ‘What a customer wants’
• 1 million answers based on ‘What the customer feels’
• Over 1500 attributes/touch points that drive or destroy value

Our research discovered there are 20 emotions that drive and destroy value in a customer experience and can statistically prove by how much. These are the emotions:


How we determine your current and future Emotional Signature ®
We have several phases that comprise the Emotional Signature ® process. Each of them serves a distinct purpose and provides the building blocks for a customer experience design that will improve customer loyalty and retention. In addition, they help you answer common questions about your current and future experience.

Emotional Signature ® is an advanced research tool that will help you answer all these common questions:
• What is your level of emotional engagement with customers?
• Which aspect / touch point of your experience would give you the biggest return on investment (ROI)?
• What would have the biggest impact on your bottom line?
• And many, many more.

There is a big difference between what customers say they want and what actually drives their behavior and in turn value for your organization. Emotional Signature ® research will help you base your strategy on those aspects or emotions of your experience that will drive the most value to the organization, providing answers to the queries:
• Are you basing your strategy on something that will actually drive value to your bottom line?
• Are you basing your strategy on those aspects that will give you the biggest return on investment?

Emotional Signature ® can help you target the right emotions, or those that will generate the most value, when re-designing your experience. What Customers ‘say’ and what they ‘do’ are invariably two different things and your Emotional Signature ® identifies what a Customer will actually do when interacting with your organization.
The design process helps you consider the following:
• When designing an experience are you aware of which are the right emotions to focus on, i.e. the ones that would drive the most value for you?
• Are you aware of which emotions the different touch points stimulate?
• Are you considering the subconscious experience?

We use the following model. We take the attributes/touch points of your customer experience. We then allocate them to one of the following boxes in this model.

• Conscious: Customer says they desire it and it does drive value
• Subconscious: Customer doesn’t say they desire it but it does drive value
• Deception: Customer says they desire it but it doesn’t drive value
• Invisible: Customer doesn’t desire it and it doesn’t drive value.

From this simple illustration when combined with the data from your Emotional Signature ®, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts in your emotional signature design that drives the most value for your organization specifically.

Emotional Signature ® can profile the full range of emotions known to drive/ destroy business value. In addition it can identify the root drivers of value in the rational and emotional, conscious and subconscious parts of the experience. We help you discover:
• Are you measuring the right aspects of your experience; i.e. the ones that drive the most value for your organization?
• Are you measuring the key emotions in your experience, give that emotions constitute at least 50% of the experience and are key to loyalty?
• Are you measuring the root-cause drivers of the experience?

Customer Feedback
Customers would tell you what’s easy to verbalize i.e. what’s on top of their mind, in their conscious. However what’s easy to verbalize is not necessarily what would drive value for the organization. If you don’t dig deeper into customer feedback, you would only be looking at half of the picture at best and will risk wasting resources and not improve customer satisfaction, net promoter score or customer loyalty at all. Emotional Signature ® helps you dig deeper to ask these tough questions:
• Are you looking at the whole picture, including the effect of the subconscious stimuli and emotions on value are currently?
• Are you digging deep enough into what is actually driving value, despite what your customers say?

Emotional Profile
Finally the Emotional Signature ® produces an Emotional Profile which will demonstrate the level of emotional engagement against the twenty emotions that drive and destroys value and matches that against the average business index. An example of this is illustrated in our book; ‘The DNA of Customer Experience’ with the work we carried out with Memorial Herman Hospital Systems.

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