Morgan Sindall FitOut

Case Study

Steven Elliot, CEO of Morgan Sindall FitOut, is interviewed by Colin Shaw, founder of Beyond Philosophy, who tirelessly keeps in his journey of finding out how organizations can improve their customer experience.
In this interview Steven Elliot, CEO of Morgan Sindall FitOut, talks about the experience of implementing a customer experience program, the results of previous research and the future prospects to be gleaned from implementing a great customer experience program.

Morgan Sindall Group plc is a leading UK construction and regeneration group with a turnover of £2.2 billion, employing over 7,000 people and operating in the public and commercial sectors. They operate through five divisions of construction and infrastructure, affordable housing, fit out, urban regeneration and investments.
This interview is divided into 8 topics of conversation. If you want to play one clip in particular, please, just roll over the bottom of the video player to find the video clip menu.

Clip #1: Customer Experience: Setting Competitive Advantage Clip #2: How a Perfect Customer Experience is?
Clip #3: Why to Decide Starting a Customer Experience Program Clip #4: Results from Customer Experience Programs
Clip #5: Customer Experience in the B2B Marketplace Clip #6: Implementing the Perfect Customer Experience
Clip #7: A Good Example of Implementing the Perfect Customer Experience Clip #8: Reasons to Push on the Customer Experience
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