About Beyond Philosophy

Founded in 2002 by customer experience author and thought leader Colin Shaw, and business partner David Ive, Beyond Philosophy has since become a leader in helping organizations to create deliberate, emotionally engaging customer experiences that drive value, reduce costs and build competitive advantage.

The company specializes in strategic consultancy services, customer research, training and education. Beyond Philosophy has pioneered new, proprietary methods for analyzing both the rational and emotional sides of the customer experience.

We are proud to have written four of the best selling books on customer experience. Our customer experience books are sometimes thought as CRM books. Customer experience provides a more holistic approach and encompasses many aspects appearing in customer service books.

Delivering a quality customer experience that touches on an emotional level will not only increase the odds that this customer has lifetime value but that the customer will remain loyal in the future.

If the customer does not feel connected and valuable to the company or if the bond between the customer and company has not been nurtured, the customer is likely to go elsewhere for his needs. Additionally, if a critical episode is handled poorly, chances are that the customer will terminate the business relationship.

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