Memory Maker Training

Advanced Behavioral Customer Training

Memory Maker Training from Beyond Philosophy

Dates TBA

The fees can vary from $ 800 for an individual or $ 12,000 for an event for 15 people.

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The date will be from May 2017. Exact dates will be announced shortly.

There are different options for this training:

  • This can be live web based or face to face at Cottage Grove
  • You can book individually or a complete event of 15 people
  • This can be conducted by different Beyond Philosophy personnel

Memory Maker Training is designed to give customer facing personnel the skills to identify how a customer is feeling when walking into an experience by looking at the verbal and non-verbal cues they give.  By using key psychological concepts of building memories, the peak rule, we structure an interaction using our tried and testing 7E’s model.  This enables us to convert the customer into feeling the desired emotions from the customer experience statement we know drives value.

Training will cover the following areas:

  • General explanation of Behavioral Economics.
  • The psychology of why a customer feels emotions from the Customer Experience statement.
  • Why people want to feel these emotions.
  • How you can tell when a customer is feeling one of these emotions.
  • What you need to do to make a customer feeling one of these emotions.

What you will learn:

  • How to build a positive memory in your customers that drives customer loyalty and recommendations.
  • How to identify what the customer is feeling walking into an experience.
  • How to convert the customer into feeling positive and other specific emotions that drive value.
  • How to identify the verbal and non-verbal clues a customer gives you.

Booking Options

All training requires an minimum of 12 people per event.  Beyond Philosophy provides an option on who can deliver the training, Colin Shaw, Founder & CEO & Chris Frawley, Senior Consultant.  Both of these individuals have been involved closely with the Renewal by Andersen® Customer Experience project.

There are two ways to undertake Memory Maker Training:

  1. Engage Beyond Philosophy to run training in your location.
    • Colin Shaw running the event.
    • Chris Frawley running the event.
  2. Join a general training session run by Beyond Philosophy at Renewal by Andersen® in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.
    • Chris Frawley running the event.

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