Behavioral Journey Mapping

An essential tool to improve Customer Experience

RbA Behavioral Journey Mapping

Behavioral Journey Mapping

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The fees can vary from $ 499 for an individual or $ 7,485 for an event for 15 people.

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The date will be from March 20th 2017. Exact dates will be announced shortly.

There are different options for this training:

  • This can be live web based or face to face at Cottage Grove
  • You can book individually or a complete event of 15 people
  • This can be conducted by different Beyond Philosophy personnel

Journey Mapping is one of the essential tools to help you improve your Customer Experience.  Behavioral Journey Mapping goes one step further than most journey mapping tools and not only looks at the rational aspects of what the customer does, but why they do these things; the behavioral aspects through the subconscious and psychological experience.

This course will cover how to:

  • Design a Customer Experience.
  • Design an experience, not a process.
  • Identify quick wins.
  • Bring the customer into the center of the organization.
  • Identify subconscious signs.
  • Be aware of the five main behavioral economic aspects to review.
  • Create templates to review and create a new experience.

Live Web Training

Session 1 - 90min

What we will cover:

  • What is a Journey Map?
  • What are the advantages of journey maps?
  • Show examples of journey maps.
  • Collaboratively build journey maps of going to a retailer
    • We use this to illustrate how to do this from a Customer perspective.
  • Outline what makes up a good journey map, provide a template for them to create their own.
  • Set task for them to complete in 2 weeks
    • Task: To define a journey map for the XYZ experience.
    • Each team/person will create this and present back during the second web training session.

Offline Task

Working offline on actual journeys
  •  Delegates work on their own journeys in their locations over the next two weeks.
    • Working in teams, undertake Journey Mapping off site.

Live Web Training

Session 2 - 90min

 What we will cover:

  • Recap on key points from the last training.
  • Each team presents their journey map, we review to share best practice.
  • Beyond Philosophy guides them on improvements that could/should be made.
  • Following this workshop attendees make amendments and these journey maps can then be implemented.

What you will learn in Behavioral Journey Mapping:

  • How to build a journey map that outlines the emotions of the customer, entering, during, and leaving the customer experience.
  • A unique methodology that has been successful in countless experiences around the globe.
  • How to understand the rational, emotional, subconscious, and psychological aspects of the experience.
  • Best practices from around the world.



Christopher Frawley is a customer experience consultant with over 25 years of outstanding results for numerous firms in varied customer facing management disciplines. He currently assists companies to add customer value and improve business results as Senior Consultant with Beyond Philosophy, the global thought leading customer experience consultancy. Over the course of his career, Chris has developed a broad skill portfolio through a variety of diverse roles. He has experience in nearly every facet of sales and marketing – strategic planning, marketing, product management, ecommerce, experience design, program management, business development, operations, customer service, sales, and product support.

Chris played a dominant role for travel automation company Amadeus in defining and executing their North American product strategy.

At Continental Airlines, he founded their e-commerce team, leading their pioneering customer self-service initiatives from electronic ticketing to internet booking to airport kiosks, internet check-in, and speech recognition.

As a founding executive at Eos (a premium transatlantic airline start-up), Chris was instrumental in designing their customer experience, developing processes and policies that put customers at the center, and delivered the company’s online customer platform.

At low cost – low fare start-up airline Skybus, he had the central responsibility for envisioning and implementing the airport customer experience.

For Frontier Airlines, Chris drove the coordination and implementation of their revamped fare system and improvements to their online customer experience.

Chris’s particular strength lies in translating customer and business desires into the successful vision, design, communication, and execution of customer experience initiatives that deliver both customer and business value.

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