Philosopher’s Day

Colin Shaw's training for senior executivesOur Philosopher’s Day training uses a combination of our independent expertise, our track record of successful implementation, and our knowledge of the subject to build an interactive event with a great deal of debate and discussion.

The purpose of the Philosopher’s Day is to introduce senior executives to the concepts behind the Customer Experience, including the theories and the practical implementations. It’s critical they understand what it would take to truly make a change in your Customer Experience. We achieve this through using the theories from our four best-selling books on Customer Experience. We share practical case studies of our clients’ successful implementations. In addition, we discuss where people have gone wrong.

Participating in a customized and collaborative program is a superior way to understand how to make the changes you want to your Customer Experience.

Colin Shaw, CEO of Beyond Philosophy

We ask the executives to undertake a structured “self-assessment” to establish where the organization is today. It is critical for the organization to be committed to this journey, as this will take time, effort, and resources. If the senior team are not serious about making Customer Experience a priority for your organization, you are better off establishing that now. We ask participants if they believe the journey is worthwhile, as well as determining their level of commitment to the concepts.

Lectures have their purpose and provide value for some situations. However, when it comes to building a great Customer Experience for your organization, a set lecture will not be enough.

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