Derek Blackburn

Senior Trainer

Derek Blackburn

Derek Blackburn joined Beyond Philosophy™ as a Principal Consultant in 2006 and became Senior Trainer in 2009. Since joining Beyond Philosophy, Derek has been lead consultant with a number of clients including Barclaycard, Lloyds TSB and the British Heart Foundation. He has also worked with other clients such as Stena Line, Tui and Maersk. On these major projects he has implemented the full range of Beyond Philosophy’s unique tools and techniques to help organisations deliver a great customer experience. He also worked with the Institute of Extreme Customer Service in South Africa, where he created a bespoke Customer Experience Safari in Johannesburg and then led a 2-day seminar on the Customer Experience.

Derek led the 2008 UK Customer Experience Best Practice Study Tour, and since becoming Senior Trainer has been involved in running bespoke Study Tours for such clients as Pfizer. In addition to this he has delivered Masterclasses and designed and delivered training in Austria as well as Cyprus, Ireland, the UK and USA. The Austrian Masterclass was on Building Great Customer Experiences in Telecoms.

From October 2013 Derek will be delivering the CEM Certification Program.

Derek has also been a speaker at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Institute of Directors, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Council of Mortgage Lenders, Somerset Tourism and the South West Business Leaders Forum.

In February 2012 Derek became an affiliate with the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter which professionally recognises his leadership excellence that adds real value for business. This is a community of leadership specialists that share knowledge, skills, leadership research and current leadership challenges and identify leadership development for future generations.

Prior to joining Beyond Philosophy, Derek spent 17 years within the financial services industry. In 1996 he was part of the senior management team that created and shaped the culture and values for Egg Plc. After leaving Egg in 2000, Derek started his own consultancy business where he had experience of a wide range of industries and sectors including tourism, retail, legal services, utilities, construction, local government, mobile telecommunications, civil service and medical sectors amongst others.

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