Discover your customers' unmet needs

Uncovering hidden, unmet needs is essential to designing an experience for customer-driven growth

To grow, you should identify your customers’ hidden, unmet needs. These are the untold truths, the real reasons people buy.

Growth comes from:


  • Discovering what you don’t know
    There are things your organization does not know about their customers and market, like emerging needs or concealed desires. We need to find them and determine if they drive value and should be your focus.
  • Understanding customers’ conscious and subconscious desires
    Conscious desires are what people can articulate. The subconscious desires are not. Instead, the subconscious veils these untapped desires, which typically relate to how a customer feels about your organization and experience. 
  • Responding to customers’ and markets’ hidden, unmet needs
    The key to growth is meeting the needs of your customers and markets, even the ones they didn’t tell you about or of which they are not aware. Addressing these hidden, unmet needs facilitates remarkable growth.
  • Focusing on what actually drives value
    Basing your actions on incomplete or outdated research that does not reveal actual motivations for customer purchases does not get you the results you need. Our Growth Opportunity Research uncovers what customer behavior shows they want, not just what they say they want, which gets you the returns you need.
Colin ShawInnovate Experience