Customer Experience Change Program

How do I establish a Customer Experience change program that is proven to produce results?

Since 2002, we have completed hundreds of successful implementations. We understand the problems and pitfalls and use this knowledge to create our unique tools and methodologies. One of our clients improved their Net Promoter by 40 points in 30 months which gave them a 10% rise in volumes.

Our CX programs are customised to meet the needs of all our clients at whatever stage of development you are. Here are the key questions you should be asking yourself.

What drives most value & $$$?

How Customer Centric are we?

What is our Strategy?

How well are we designing emotions and behavioral science in our experience?.

What should we measure?

How do we train our people?

What is your Customer Experience like today? What needs improving? How do you compare against best practice?

emotional signature

On many occasions, what Customers say they want, and what they do are different.

  • It’s therefore important to understand what your Customers REALLY want and critically what drives value $$$ for your organization.
  • We have developed a unique research methodology called the ‘Emotional Signature’ (link to page) that will benchmark you against other organizations and will inform you of what to focus on to drive most value.

qualitative insight servicesQualitative Research:

To move your Customer Experience to the next level you need to truly understand Customer motivations and behaviour. This can only be achieved by talking with them. We have developed a unique methodology to  truly understand customer behavior.

How do we get our organization to the next level?

Assess how customer-centric your organization is:

Do you want to make your changes sustainable? If so you will need to understand how customer centric your organization is and make changes to ensure the changes you’re making are sustainable. We will assess what stage of evolution your organization is and recommend changes.

  • Inform you of what you need to do
  • Prioritized recommendations
  • Ensure sustainability- Prioritized recommendations
  • Define how Customer Centric you are

Undertake a CX Health Check:
Have you been trying to improve your Customer Experience? Are your CX Measures not moving despite the changes you have made? Or are you just starting your CX initiative? We can provide an inexpensive health check to advise you on what you need to do to gain maximum effect. We call on our years of experience and knowledge of best practice and why too many CX programs fail. We will:

  • Review your CX initiative/program/project to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • Recommend changes to make it more effective
  • Inform you of problem and pitfalls you are likely to encounter

How do we create an effective Customer Experience Program?

The 7 Key Strategic Questions Critical for a Successful CX

Here’s a peek:

  • What is the Customer Experience you are trying to deliver?
  • What are the emotions you are trying to evoke?
  • What do Customers really want and what drives & destroys value?

cx-statementV1Develop a Customer Experience Statement: 

  • Define the experience you are trying to deliver
  • Define the emotions you are trying to evoke
  • Define the implications of this to the organization

behavioral-jmapping555Re-design your experience using behavioral journey mapping:

  • Design your new journey using a unique journey mapping  methodology
  • Train your team on how to practice behavioral journey mapping

Digital TransformationDesigning a Digital Experience:

  • Many organizations are now looking to digitally transform their organization along with their Customer Experience. This is great, but poses an opportunity and a threat.

What are the new measures?

cx-measuresCX Measures define the new measures of your Customer Experience: 

  • Unique methodology to align your measures to your strategy
  • Define the measures that meet the new Customer Experience
  • Define emotional measures

We can train you on our methodology!

Making your positive changes permanent

memory-maker555Customer Behavior Training for Customer Facing Teams: 

  • Train your team on how to understand customer behavior
  • Train your team on understand customers verbal and nonverbal communications
  • Train your team on psychological techniques to improve your customer experience
  • Learn how to convert your customer emotions

CX Professional Training:

  • On the job training or live virtual training
  • Self-paced online training
  • Learn proven CX tools and methodologies to improve your Customer Experience
Werner KwiatkowskiCustomer Experience Change Program