Authentic Emotion Measurement

How do I know my digital transformation will work?

Organizations are spending a great deal of time and money on digital transformation and often the Customer is lost in this process which greatly increases the chance of failure. It is, therefore, critical to scientifically discover how your customer is feeling when using your new digital experience. 

We provide two services, Digital Journey Mapping where we will design your new digital experience and ‘Authentic Emotion Measurement’ which measures the effectiveness of your experience using facial expression. We are able to measure your customer’s emotions in your digital experience. Given the investment you are making in this change it makes financial sense that you do everything to ensure it works! This research can be the difference between success and failure.  

We are able to:business consultancy services

⦁ Assess and measure your customers’ (and employee) emotions in real time
⦁ Assess your current face-to-face experience
⦁ You could assess the impact of your marketing content and advertising before it is launched.

Listen to these podcasts on Facial Expression technology and measurement:


Werner KwiatkowskiAuthentic Emotion Measurement