User Experience Design

User Experience Design

What is User Experience Design?

Improving User Experience Design Will Improve Your Customer Experience

For many years, the User experience and the Customer experience were separate entities, developing separately and addressed in different ways. However, both concepts work to produce the same effect, positive interactions with your customers that facilitate customer loyalty and retention.

What is User Experience?

A User Experience Designer (UXD) creates easy or pleasant websites or applications for the end user experience. User Experience designers enhance the website or application to be easy and pleasant for the customer thereby increasing their overall satisfaction with their experience.

improve user experience design with the intuitive customer bookIn this way, User Experience is not so different than Customer Experience, nor is the job of a User Experience Designer that different from a Customer Experience Designer. The main difference between the two is that User Experience is restricted to website or application interface, while a Customer Experience encompasses all parts of the customer’s interaction with an organization, including the User Experience.

Therefore, understanding how your User Experience makes your customers feel is a significant factor in improving not only your User Experience but also your Customer Experience.

Behavioral Journey Mapping Shows Your User Experience in Detail

When trying to understand how a User Experience makes your customers feel, there is only one tool that can do an adequate job. Our Behavioral Journey Mapping exercise can show you the moments of your User Experience and the emotions your users feel during them. We developed this comprehensive tool for understanding your present Customer Experience for our global Customer Experience Consultancy. It takes the traditional Journey Map to the next level. Behavioral Journey Mapping acknowledges the steps of your User Experience and addresses the emotional moments these steps create. Not only that, but it also defines the emotions each moment evokes and why.

Behavioral Journey Mapping takes an outside-in view of your User Experience, looking at it from the customer’s point of view. With this insight, you can experience the conscious, subconscious, and psychological influences that affect how your Customers Feel about the User Experience you have today.

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