Customer Loyalty is a Function of Customer Memory

Anyone that interacts with your Customer needs to be trained on how to evoke specific emotions. This has been scientifically proven to create positive memories and thus increase loyalty.

We train your teams to recognize how customers feel when entering your experience and then give them the skills to evoke specific emotions that drive value for you.

It is vital to train your people on how to interpret Customer behavior and how to change a Customer’s emotional state through the use of verbal and nonverbal communications.

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Memory Maker Training teaches people how to create priceless memories in everyday interactions.

The two most common problems with many organization’s customer facing training today:

  1. Few organizations understand that Customer loyalty is a function of memory. People do not come back to you because of the experience you provide. They come back to you because of the experience they remember you provide.
  2. The soft skills training is either missing or inadequate for today’s business environment. Even though emotions account for over 50% of the Customer Experience, few companies provide more than the most basic of soft skills training for front-line teams.

Our Memory-Maker Training finds its foundations built on the principles of behavioral economics, as outlined in our bestselling book The Intuitive Customer that outlines how psychology influences our buying behavior.

From your Call Center employees to Customer-Facing Employees to Front-Line Managers and more, any member of your team can benefit from our customized programs created to help them deliver consistent Customer Experience that creates the memories that keep your customers coming back for more.

Werner KwiatkowskiCustomer Loyalty is a Function of Customer Memory