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Foundation Customer Experience Management Certification Program$1850

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Run by Beyond Philosophy experts, the new improved online Foundation Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program, run over a series of 7 live webinar sessions, has been developed and refreshed to incorporate the additional learning content required in this ever changing marketplace.

An Introduction to the Foundation Customer Experience Management (CEM)Certification Program

By Colin Shaw, Founder & CEO, Beyond Philosophy

The main purpose of our  Foundation Customer Experience Management Certification (CEM) program is to provide you with a deep understanding of the concepts of Customer Experience and to show you how, to ensure your Customer Experience program is successful.

The program will cover the following subject areas:

What is Customer Experience and Customer Experience management?

  1. What is the definition of a Customer Experience & Customer Experience Management?
  2. What do most organizations overlook?
  3. The secret to building a great Customer Experience.

Seven Key Strategic Questions to Build a Great Customer Experience

  1. What are the key questions you need to ask to build a successful Customer Experience program?
  2. Why are these important?
  3. How do you go about answering these questions?

A Foundation: The Emotional & Subconscious Experience

  1. Why over 50% of a Customer Experience is about emotions
  2. What is a subconscious experience, how it manifests itself in the Customer Experience
  3. Building an emotionally engaging experience

A Foundation: Experience Psychology

  1. How people make decisions
  2. The principles of Experience Psychology and human behaviour
  3. Four experience psychology theories and how to design these into your Customer Experience.

Setting the Strategy & Designing a CEM Program

  1. How to set a Customer Experience strategy
  2. What is a Customer Experience statement and how to build one
  3. What a good Customer Experience  program should cover, the problems and pitfalls you will face and the secrets of a successful implementation

Becoming Customer Centric

  1. How Customer Centricity affects your Customer Experience
  2. How Customer centric is your organization? Introducing the Naïve to Natural model
  3. The nine areas that drive customer centricity

Consolidation: Discussion & Debating the Learning Points

  1. Time spending discussing and debating the learning & takeaways from the Certification Program.

Why learn with Beyond Philosophy?

It’s simple, Beyond Philosophy have helped shape the whole Customer Experience industry. We are literally one of the first companies in the world to focus solely on Customer Experience. From our first book in 2002, Building Great Customer Experiences and our subsequent three further books our concepts and CEM training methodology have worked for many organizations to prove this.

What you will learn:

  1. Learn the concepts that underpin the Customer Experience and know how to improve them.
  2. Understand the emotional and subconscious experience and how to build into the design of a customer experience.
  3. Obtain official recognition for your expertise that you can use in your career and help in further progression.
  4. Learn how to design a Customer Experience strategy and top level road map.
  5. Understand ‘Experience psychology’ and how to apply it to a Customer Experience.
  6. Understand the problems and pitfalls of a customer experience implementation and how to avoid them.
  7. Understand a method to assess how customer centric you are and what you need to change.
  8. Learn how to engage employees and build organizational buy-in for your CEM strategy.
  9. Understand Beyond Philosophy’s leading model and templates to aid in the implementation process.
  10. Understand how to position your customer strategy for success.

Who Should Attend the Foundation Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program?

The CEM certification is designed for professionals responsible for the design and implementation of customer experience strategies in their organization, including;

  1. Any Customer Experience professional
  2. Customer experience executives
  3. Customer service professionals
  4. CRM professional Brand & Insight professionals
  5. Marketing & sales professionals
  6. Customer loyalty professionals
  7. Customer intelligence professionals Bring your colleagues with you to the event.

By attending together, you and your colleagues will build internal expertise within your organization. Each course will have a limited number of spaces available to ensure optimum interactivity, therefore these are arranged on a first come, first serve basis.

Our program is a ‘client side’ course, so please note that no consultants or people providing a service to organizations are permitted to attend.

Terms And Conditions

Beyond Philosophy’s online CX training programs are designed for ‘client side’ professionals and is not designed for consultants or any role similar to this. Beyond Philosophy will make checks and reserves the right to decline the registration of individuals for whom the program is not designed. An admin charge of $ 150 will be taken for anyone whom we decline for this reason. Please check directly with us if you are in any doubt by sending an email to

Full payment must be made prior to the program and registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

If in the unlikely event a program is under-subscribed, the webinar may be cancelled. A full refund will be arranged within 30 days of the cancellation. Beyond Philosophy will not be liable for any other registrant expenses resulted from the program cancellation.

All materials obtained during the program are strictly for attendees’ educational purposes and internal use only. Beyond Philosophy owns the copyrights of the program materials and no reproduction are allowed without the prior written consent of Beyond Philosophy.

Course Outline

WK#Foundation CEM Certification AgendaDuration
1What is Customer Experience & Customer Experience Management (CEM)?1.5 hrs
2Seven Key Strategic Questions to Build a Great Customer Experience1.5 hrs
3A Foundation: The Emotional & Subconscious Experience1.5 hrs
4A Foundation: Experience Psychology1.5 hrs
5Becoming Customer Centric1.5 hrs
6Journey Mapping, Employee Engagement & Multi Channel Strategy1.5 hrs
7Setting the Overall Strategy & Designing a CEM Program1.5 hrs
Colin ShawFoundation Customer Experience Management Certification Program