Authentic Emotion Measurement

Measure how customers really feel, authentically and in real time

Authentic Emotion Measurement

What get’s measured get’s done! Measuring the CX is important and emotions are key component in it and the instrumental for true customer loyalty (not just one based on convenience or lowest price). Yet measuring emotions is tricky. Not just because it’s becoming harder to get customers to answer a survey but getting them to talk about their emotions is even harder. This is where Authentic Emotion Measurement comes in.

We could measure:

  • your customers reaction to stimuli in a test environment.
    • This will allow you to assess your current experience or measure the effect of changes in the experience.
    • This will set you on course to create apps and digital experiences emotion-aware
    • This will also empower content creators to create emotionally engaging materials knowing what captures attention, causes emotional reactions, and creates memories.
  • your customers’ and employees engagement using your CCTV
    • We could analyze customer (and employee) emotions in your store / branch using recordings from your cameras ….
    • …or we could install our cameras and analyze the emotions in real time
    • This will allow you to optimize your in-store/ branch experiences through real-time personalization and understanding of your customers emotions.
    • This will also help you equip your customer service and sales reps with instant feedback about how they make the customer feel



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