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The RICOH Canada Customer Experience Journey

How RICOH Canada took their Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 25 to 59, a 34-point improvement.

The Evolving Online Community

It’s Brand-Building Role and Value in the New Customer-Centric 4P’s.

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Implicit Association Test

Measuring the Effect of the Subconscious on a Mobile Phone Brand’s Value

Emotional Signature®

The Role of Emotions in Customer Experience

The 7 Key Ingredients of a Successful Customer Experience Program in Telecoms

The Customer Complaints X-Ray

The key to customer retention and loyalty via customer complaints handling

The Walkie-Talkie Model of Customer Experience

A simple model to build a business case on how bad customer experience impacts your bottom line

Customer Experience Influenced Risk Tolerance

Customer experience management can be used to increase customer’s willingness to accept risk

Exposing the Real Customer Experience via Ethnographic Videography

Capturing the customer experience as it happens

Customer Experience Friendly Process Design

2011 Global Customer Experience Management Survey

Executive Summary

2011 Global Customer Experience Management Survey

Insight Report

2011 Global Customer Experience Management Survey

Management Implications Report

See How We Take Customer Experiences to the Next Level

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