Qaalfa Dibeehi

Qaalfa Dibeehi is chief operating and consulting officer of Beyond Philosophy™, a pioneering global customer experience consultancy with offices in London and Atlanta.

Qaalfa is a customer-centric business transformation specialist with more than 20 years of expertise in the customer experience space, which have earned him numerous industry accolades. He is a sought-after confidant of board level executives in a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, telecommunication to financial services, non-profits to healthcare. He is particularly adept at the peculiarities of customer strategy in developing markets and geographies. In addition, he helped develop an assessment tool that won the 2003 CRM Innovation of the Year award.

Focusing on helping organizations balance their commercial and service obligations, Qaalfa has held senior consumer and strategic consulting roles with a variety of organizations, including Fulcrum Analytics, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and Citibank. Earlier, he worked for the city of New York, where he oversaw medical, physical and psychological occupational health standards. Qaalfa started his career as a research neuroscientist.
Demonstrating a strong desire to share his knowledge, Qaalfa has been a university professor and a keynote speaker at various conferences and industry events. A leading customer experience expert, Qaalfa co-authored Beyond Philosophy’s most recent international business bestseller, Customer Experience: Future Trends and Insights (2010) and contributed to the company’s prior book: The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value (2007). He has also been quoted in international media and has authored a variety articles, including of white papers, magazine and journal articles.

Qaalfa holds an MBA in international business and management from New York University and Master’s Degrees in statistics, psychology and health administration from the City University of New York.

True to his trans-Saharan ancestry (nomadic), Qaalfa is a global traveller who has lived and worked in three of the world’s great cities: New York, Tokyo and London.

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